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Welcome to our Bermuda Events Calendar dedicated to providing all the information on things to do in Bermuda for residents and visitors. Finding the event you are looking for is easy with our month selector and Refine Event Search filter. The filter allows you to narrow the current events down by categories like concerts, festivals, parties, art exhibitions and much more by simply clicking the category in the right column.

July 2014

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Bermuda events (3), Bermuda restaurant specials (2), Bermuda restaurants (2), Bermuda café coco (2), Bermuda happy hour (2), Bermuda spicelands riding camp (2), Bermuda riding camp (2), Bermuda camp (2), Bermuda spicelands fun camp (2), Bermuda summer camps (2), Bermuda cup match (2), Bermuda spicelands (2), Bermuda somerset summer pop-up dance (1), Bermuda somerset (1), I will be you (1), Bermuda dances (1), Bermuda lindsey walker book signing (1), Bermuda ubervida whole day dreaming (1), Bermuda all inclusive snorkeling (1), Bermuda snorkeling (1), Bermuda whole day dreaming (1), Bermuda book signings (1), Bermuda you be me (1), Lindsey walker (1), Bermuda somerset events (1), I will be you book signing (1), Lindsey walker you be me (1), Bermuda brunch (1), Bermuda café coco specials (1), Bermuda clayworks (1), Bermuda clayworks paint your own tile (1), Bermuda paint your own tile event (1), Bermuda café coco island buffet (1), Bermuda café coco summer bbq (1), Bermuda chewstick (1), Bermuda emancipation (1), Bermuda chewstick’s 9th annual beachfest emancipation celebration (1), Chewstick’s 9th annual beachfest emancipation celebration (1), Bermuda paint your own tile (1), Bermuda spicelands equestrian center happy hour trail rides (1), Bermuda dj pm (1), Bermuda farmers' markets (1), Bermuda  the social brunch with dj pm at red (1), Bermuda arts centre at dockyard (1), Bermuda brunch at red (1), Bermuda horseback riding (1), Bermuda happy hour trail rides (1), Bermuda spicelands equestrian center (1), Bermuda trail rides (1), Bermuda fundraisers (1), Bermuda hockey (1), Bermuda masquerade candlelit lounge: awaken the goddess and warrior (1), Bermuda azu beastro ribs (1), Bermuda azu beastro (1), Bermuda zoological society azu beastro (1), Bermuda my sereni-tea (1), Bermuda my sereni-tea masquerade candlelit lounge: awaken the goddess and warrior (1), Bermuda yoga beginners courses (1), Bermuda beginners i course (1), Flowers (1), Bermuda zoological society (1), Reptiles and ‘ritas (1), Bermuda cup match summer splash city music festival (1), Bermuda cup match summer splash (1), Bermuda cup match events (1), Bermuda city music festival (1), Bermuda red (1), Bermuda ribs (1), Bermuda friday night happy hour at red (1), Bermuda friday night happy hour (1), Bermuda yoga beginners i course (1), Bermuda yoga courses (1), Bermuda national ladies hockey team (1), Bermuda national ladies hockey team’s jumble sale (1), The arts project st george’s (1), Bermuda drawing classes (1), Bermuda sales (1), Bermuda ladies hockey (1), Bermuda washington mall (1), Bermuda markets (1), Bermuda jumble sale (1), Bermuda art (1), Bermuda art classes (1), Bermuda beau rivage (1), Bermuda beau rivage at newstead’s happy hour (1), Bermuda yoga (1), Bermuda beau rivage at newstead’s (1), Bermuda beau rivage happy hour  (1), Bermuda drawing (1), Bermuda figure drawing (1), Bermuda figure drawing with emma ingham (1), Bermuda washington mall saturday market (1)

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