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Need breakfast on the go, as you fill up? Gold Coast Express has a wide selection of teas, coffee, snacks & baked goods. In a rush? We offer grab-and-go items that are made daily in our chilled display. We offer a brick oven for freshly cooked pizza, hot buffet selection, salad & sandwiches for lunch. Our open times are 6:30am until 8pm Monday though Saturday. Sunday from 9am to 4pm. The food concession is located inside Rubis Terceira’s gas station on North Shore Road, Smith’s and is operated by the MEF Group.

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10 February Wednesday
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11 February Thursday
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L.F. Wade International Airport
Delta Air Lines 437 11:58 am
Air Canada 942 12:10 pm
Delta Air Lines 561 01:32 pm
United Airlines 1419 02:36 pm
British Airways 2233 06:10 pm
Iberia 4698 06:10 pm
American Airlines 2444 09:00 am
American Airlines 1443 10:00 am
Delta Air Lines 1773 01:00 pm
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 7309 01:00 pm
Air Canada 943 01:05 pm
Delta Air Lines 560 02:32 pm

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