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by Chelsea Oliver 2nd June 2017

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Attendees of the America’s Cup, the world’s most prestigious sailing event, are in for a treat. A range of spectator experiences are being offered to suit the needs of all kinds of fans, whether you’re seeking a casual day out, a VIP experience, or something in between. Read on to learn more about your options, ticket prices and where to buy.


America’s Cup Village


Tickets are available to the America’s Cup Village at Royal Naval Dockyard from May 26th until June 27th. Available for every race day, tickets range in price from $10 to $50 for adults and children under 13 receive a 50% discount on this price. Children under 5 are free with a paying parent or guardian.


Opening time is at 1130am on all dates except for Day 1 and closing times vary. It is important to note that, as racing may not take place on June 8th, 12th, 26th and 27th, tickets purchased for those dates will be refunded.


The America’s Cup Village is guaranteed to be a hub of excitement, offering great entertainment throughout the event including ‘dock-out’ shows, local food and drink, a Kids Zone, sailor signing sessions and more.


Grandstand Seating


Grandstand seating tickets are available at a cost of $70 to $100 for every race day during the America’s Cup. Children under 5 are free with a paying parent or guardian.


The grandstand promises a grand atmosphere, complete with big screens, live commentary, a roof, servers and paid refreshments. It’s important to note that there are no allocated seats in the grandstand, though ticket purchase does guarantee a spot. Tickets include access to the America’s Cup Village.


Official Spectator Boats


An unforgettable experience, the America’s Cup Official Spectator Boats allow attendees to watch the races from aboard a boat situated along the edge of the racecourse. Each experience is 3 hours and each watercraft is equipped with live radio commentary. Paid drinks are available and the boats leave from Albuoys Point, Hamilton or the Dockyard Watersports Centre.


The cost ranges from $150 to $200 for adults and tickets are discounted for children under 13. These tickets do not include access to the America’s Cup Village.


Longtail Lounge Hospitality


Tickets to the Longtail Lounge are available during each stage of the America’s Cup, from May 26th to June 27th. A true VIP experience, the lounge features a complimentary bar and buffet lunch, private viewing deck, TVs, hostess service, pre and post-race live entertainment and commentary and more. To learn more about the lounge and ticket costs, email


Gosling’s Dark ‘n’ Stormy Island Bar


Open daily throughout the America’s Cup, the Gosling’s Dark ‘n’ Stormy Island Bar is a great way to experience such an iconic sailing event. Each ticket includes access to the America’s Cup Village as well as lunch, an official gift, pre and post-race entertainment, a cash bar and more.


The cost ranges from $150 to $200 for adults and children under 5 are free with a paying parent or guardian.


Boat Registration


Register your boat and watch the action on board from a designated spectator zone! Registered watercrafts receive up to date information and commentary throughout each race and the view can’t be beat.


Weekend and Season Passes


Weekend passes are available for adults and families for the America’s Cup Match, the Challenger Playoff Finals and the America’s Cup Qualifiers. Season passes, available for weekdays, weekends and all race days for adults, children and families, are sold out.


Where to Buy and Pricing


Tickets can be purchased via the official ticketing website as well as travel providers The Moorings, Helm Events and Travel Places. For detailed spectator experience pricing, please click here.


Special Conditions


There is a limit of 6 tickets  per day, per person, and you can purchase tickets for multiple days at once. Tickets purchased are non-refundable for days that the America’s Cup Village is open but, on days that it is not, a refund can be issued. If there is no racing on June 8th, the village will be closed and ticket holders will receive refunds.

Residents of Bermuda receive up to 50% off of ticket prices for all qualifier races scheduled until June 3rd. To take advantage of this offer, a Bermudian telephone number is required during checkout. Upgrades can be made on site on the day you’re attending and transfers are permitted. The America’s Cup Village is accessible and re-entry is not allowed.

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