Local Search Benefits Bermuda Business

by Kristen 25th June 2014

While the major search engines are the traffic kings, local search engines are growing in popularity and for good reason.

Local search engines are better able to represent “local” – tight geographical areas such as cities, towns and islands like Bermuda.

Thanks to their relatively smaller size, local search sites offer more refined, accurate and satisfying results to the searcher – your potential customer. Bermuda’s local site - bermudayp.com - asks you to consider 4 ways that a local search can help your business.


1. Increased Visibility

Typical local search queries usually involve not only a product or service, but the location where that service can be found, i.e. Bermuda cafés or Bermuda bars.

If you own a café in Bermuda, having your listing in a structured database will increase your visibility with visitors in the planning stages of their holiday.

2. Immediacy

Local listings can be updated all year long, easily, and in real time. This makes for a great option for your business in a time when change is constant.

For example, whether you've changed your menu at your restaurant, lowered prices at the surf shack, or now offer men's clothing at your boutique, your changes can be communicated to your customers immediately.

3. Affordable Advertising Options


With a local search on bermudayp.com, listings are offered at varying price points to suit your budget, including a free option.

You can also buy an ePage that allows you to share more detailed information such as descriptions of your products and services, brand logos, promotions a gallery of great photos.

The bermudayp.com blog and other promotional spaces can also provide free publicity for your special events and extracurricular activities. Essentially, this can serve as a mini website all at a fraction of the cost. Case in point, if you’ve got an upcoming business promotion, let us know about it and we’ll give you a shout out on our blog.

4. Higher Rankings

Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo use a ranking system that your business can climb depending on keywords.

The two most important factors are 1) the proper categorization of the business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP); and 2) your business being mentioned on other relevant Internet sites. In this way, local search engine advertising on Bermuda Yellow Pages nets you better results on the major search engines.


Increased visibility, immediacy, affordable advertising options and higher rankings are 4 ways why you, as a business owner, would benefit from claiming your local business' online listing. Don't miss out on an opportunity to make the digital reach work for you. 


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Posted by Kristen
Wednesday, 25th June 2014, 08:44pm.
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