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Everything you need to know about tying the knot in Bermuda

Information provided by one of Bermuda’s premiere wedding planners – Nikki Begg of Bermuda Bride – and the Bermuda Registry General

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Getting married, Bermuda style

No other place in the world combines beauty, sophistication and accessibility as naturally as Bermuda. With sunset cruises aboard splendid yachts, sunrise strolls along coral pink sand beaches and midnight strolls through moonlit gardens, Bermuda is a tropical delight. All the services of our world-renowned tourism industry await you and the weather is as accommodating as the people.


The island has an educated and affluent population who respect privacy and intimacy. In fact, many of the world’s celebrities visit for exactly this reason. Be it a wedding party of two or two hundred, Bermuda will feel like your private island paradise.



A piece of cake


In Bermuda it’s traditional to have two cakes at your wedding: a plain pound cake decorated in gold for the groom, and a silver-covered fruit cake for the bride. Of course this is but one option – Bermuda bakeries can create a wedding cake in any style and flavor you choose. 

  Bermuda wedding cake


It’s easy to get married in Bermuda!

The rules governing marriage in Bermuda are relatively straightforward and residency is not required. See our information on Legal Requirements and the Notice of Intended Marriage below.


Bermuda is a seven hour journey from the UK and less than a two-hour flight from the U.S. East Coast, making travel for guests simple and convenient. It also means that importing any special items can easily be arranged.



Love and Marriage, Horse and Carriage


Since it is not possible to hire a car on the island, many visiting couples elect to make like the locals and travel to their marriage ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage. This is a decidedly romantic way to travel, and a stylish way to arrive at the church door!

  Bermuda horse and carriage


Legal Requirements

In order to get married in Bermuda, a Notice of Intended Marriage form must be completed in full and sent to your wedding planner or the Registry General together with the correct payment.


Divorcees must provide copies of their final divorce decree or Decree Absolute along with the Notice of Intended Marriage.


Blood tests and health certificates are not required.





The moongate was introduced to Bermuda from China by a local sea captain. Local legend has it that those who kiss under the moongate’s stone arch will be blessed with a long and happy marriage. Ask your wedding planner to include just such a kiss in your wedding day plans.

  Bermuda moongate


About the Notice of Intended Marriage

The Notice of Intended Marriage form may be obtained from the Bermuda Department of Tourism offices in New York and London, or the Registry General in Bermuda. It is also available online at


Once a couple’s completed form has been received by the Registry General, Registry staff ensure that the Notice is published in two Bermuda newspapers.


A period of 15 days must elapse from the date of receipt of the notice by the Registry before the Registrar General may issue the license to marry. Parties to the intended marriage are not required to be resident during this time.


The license to marry must be issued within three months of the receipt of the notice by the Registry General and remains valid for three months from the date of issue.


Administrative Costs

At the time of writing, the marriage license fee is $300. This covers the newspaper publications and license. Marriage certificates are available at an additional cost of $30.00 if ordered at the same time, bringing the total cost to $330.


This should be submitted in the form of a cashier’s cheque or bank draft made payable to the Accountant General, Hamilton, Bermuda, along with the Notice of Intended Marriage. Contact for details about credit card payment.


These fees are regulated by the Bermuda Government and are subject to change.


Church Ceremonies

With more churches per square mile than any other country in the world, there are plenty of choices available for those opting to marry in church.


However there are two important things to note:


1. Divorcees cannot be married in any of the Catholic churches in Bermuda. However, church weddings for divorcees can sometimes be arranged by special request with the minister concerned at other churches such as the Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, A.M.E., etc.


2. It is not possible for non-resident Roman Catholics to be married in certain Catholic Churches in Bermuda except in special circumstances. Refer to the website of the Roman Catholic Church in Bermuda, for details. If further information or clarification is needed, call the Roman Catholic Chancery Office on (441) 232-4414.

St. Peter's Church Bermuda


Bermuda: a multi-faith community

Bermuda has a diverse religious community and it is possible for Muslim, Jewish and Baha’i visitors from overseas to be married here but policies do differ from faith to faith, so do be in touch with your faith representative here on the island.


There are no rabbis resident in Bermuda. However a Bermuda Wedding Planner can arrange the necessary paperwork for your rabbi to perform your ceremony.


See our Bermuda Weddings Q&A Section below for information about secular weddings and outdoor ceremonies.


Bermuda Weddings Q&A:

Q: Is my marriage legal worldwide?

A: Within one month of your wedding, you will receive an official Marriage Certificate that is recognized and legal worldwide. However you may also wish to register with your local Town or City Hall.


Q: Are witnesses required?

A: Two witnesses who are at least 18 years old must sign your marriage license. These can be supplied Monday through Friday at the Registrar’s office or through your Wedding Planner – see your Bermuda Yellow Pages®.


Q: Does Bermuda permit same-sex ceremonies?

A: In a word, no. While it is not possible to have a legally-recognised gay marriage performed here, same-sex couples can elect to have a special commitment ceremony performed.


Q: Can I have a secular ceremony in Bermuda?

A: Couples wishing to have a civil ceremony can be married in the beautifully appointed Registrar’s Office. The Registrar and Assistant Registrar are unable to officiate at locations other than the Registrar’s Office.


Q: Can I be married outdoors?

A: There are many, many breathtaking locations around the island. You may wish to be married in a lush garden setting, on a cliff top overlooking the South Shore, under a moongate, barefoot in the sand, on a luxury yacht, in the grounds of your hotel. You may also wish to consider one of the island’s historic buildings as a setting for your wedding: Commissioner’s House at the National Museum, Verdmont and Waterville all provide stunning backdrops. Note that if you choose to have a ceremony outdoors or in an alternative location, a minister will preside over the marriage service in a religious ceremony, be it denominational or non-denominational.


Q: Can my fiancé rent formal wear in Bermuda?

A: A wide selection of tuxedos and morning suits are available. Your Wedding Planner can assist you with arrangements. You can also consult the Bermuda Yellow Pages® local search under the heading Formal Wear.

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