Bermuda Government Portal is your first port-of-call when looking online for informatiion about public services. It brings together information about ministries and departments as well as linking to online services. These include E-Tax and E-TCD. is being revised and new services offered. Check out the reorganized health information and the new online Bermuda status checker at


In addition, the following web addresses link to more information about other public events, services and organizations.


Websites of the Bermuda Government and E-Government Portal


Department URL
Airport Operations
Attorney General
Bermuda Aquarium
Bermuda College
Bermuda Hospital Board
Bermuda Land Development Co.
Bermuda National Library
Bermuda Post Office
Bermuda Small Business Development Corporation
Registering .bm Addresses
Bermuda Monetary Authority
Central Policy Unit
Land Valuation
Registrar of Companies
Social Insurance
St. George’s Fire Service
Voter Registration
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