Risk Management Solutions Ltd.

O'Hara House Tower 2, 3rd Floor, One Bermudiana Road, City of Hamilton, Bermuda, BH 08 | Directions
  • Located in Hamilton
  • Founded in 1989
  • Advanced Risk Management Solutions
  • Catering to Public Agencies & Financial Institutions
  • Analyzing Risk Associated with Catastrophe, Terrorism & Infectious Disease
  • Specialized Team
  • Worked With United Nations on the U.N. Global Compact, U.N. Office of Disaster Risk, Caring for Climate, UNEP Finance Initiative.

A leading risk management company, Risk Management Solutions Ltd. offers services to financial institutions and public agencies in Bermuda. We help our customers understand, measure and manage the risk associated with various catastrophes, terrorism and infectious diseases.

We're home to a specialized team of professionals and cater to a broad range of industries, including insurers, reinsurers, government and non-government, corporations and financial institutions. We work in collaboration with our application development partners. Some of our initiatives include training builders to make low-cost improvements and working with the government to implement positive changes.

Risk Management Solutions Ltd. has provided the United Nations with scientific expertise for the U.N. Global Compact, U.N. Office of Disaster Risk, Caring for Climate project and UNEP Finance Initiative.

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