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toby 07.01.12
Ordered for the first time tonight. Waited over an hour before calling to see where the order was only to be told we hadn't placed an order. shocking. won't use again
foodie 08.11.11
Their lasagna is to die for! I had no expectations when I ordered it but WOW-! It was the authentic style as prepared in Italy, not the Americanized version of thick lasagna noodles in a tomato based sauce. Instead you could feel the love in their refined filling of delicate pasta, savory meat in a velvety sauce...
Safiya 11.10.10
Speciality Cinema & Grill has came a long way since the title Little Theatre. At Speciality you can get a movie and a meal. No need to worry about the hassle of find a place to eat after. Speciality has a great variety of foods. From a nice juicy burger to a fresh salad with a smoothie. But I personally like pigging...
Unknown 08.10.10
The wraps from this place are really good, but i really enjoy the happy hour every Friday. Take some friends, and enjoy yourself. It's a nice chill spot.
Unknown 08.10.10
Very fun place to eat, and my only regret is not knowing that sooner. I had stopped there with a friend, as a last minute choice, and i really enjoyed myself. The meals are 5 star, the service is very friendly, and they had us laughing as soon as we were seated. Definitely worth the visit.
Unknown 08.10.10
I personal favorite pizza on the island. Would never pass for any other pizza. I use to live up the hill from them, but my frequent visits didn't stop when i moved. They do up your order pretty quick, and there right in the Heron bay market place, so you can order do a bit of shopping and come right back to a nice...
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