Bermuda's Timeline: 16th Century to the 21st Century

by boss 12th April 2016

Information courtesy of the Department of Statistics


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Bermuda is sighted by Spanish Seaman, Juan de Bermudez, before 1511 (when Bermuda was shown for the first time in Legatio Babylonica by Peter Martyr)


1609   Start of human settlement as a result of shipwreck of the Sea Venture which was bound for Virginia


1612   Permanent settlers arrive from England, one of them being Richard Moore, the first Governor, Town of St. George established


1616   One black and one Indian arrive from West Indies as indentured servants to dive for pearls


1620   House of Assembly formed, giving some measure of internal self-government. Economy: Whaling, shipbuilding, tobacco growing, and beginning of salt raking in Turks Island (1668 - 1801)


1730   Resistance to slavery continues to grow. First newspaper begins publication (Bermuda Gazette)


1784   First Postal Service begins


1792   Building of Hamilton begins


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During this time privateering becomes main economic activity as a result of hostilities between England and European countries


1810   Construction of Dockyard begins


1815   Hamilton becomes capital city


1834   Abolition of slavery


1847   Arrival of first Portuguese labourers


1858   First bank established


1887   Introduction of first telephone and cable service


1894  King Edward VII Memorial Hospital established


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During this time agriculture gains in economic importance; export of spring vegetables to eastern United States


1901   Tourism emerges as winter season economic activity


1904   Introduction of electricity


1930   Bermuda begins promoting itself as a summer tourist resort


1931   Bermuda Railway in operation (to 1948)


1938   Introduction of passenger air service between between Bermuda and New York


1944   Women's suffrage granted (with property qualification)


1946   General use of cars; establishment of first broadcasting station


1963   Establishment of first political party


1965   Formation of Bermuda Regiment


1968   New Constitution brings Ministerial Government and first general election under universal adult suffrage


1972  Bermuda College is established


1979   Constitutional Conference; Women voluntarily join the Bermuda Regiment


1984   The Human Rights Act of 1981 becomes operative


1997   Pamela Gordon is appointed Premier by her United Bermuda Party colleagues, becoming the the first female to hold this position


1998   The Progressive Labour Party wins its first general election, marking the first change in Government since the establishment of party politics thirty years ago


1998   Jennifer M. Smith became the first female political party leader to become the Premier of Bermuda as a result of winning the general election


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During this time tourism moves to forefront as primary foreign exchange earner, but gives way to international business during the last decade of the century


2003   UK parliament passes an Order in Council to amend the parliamentary election to thirty-six single-seat constituencies comprising near equal numbers of voters


2009   Year-long celebrations of Bermuda's 400 years



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