5 Great Bermuda Nonprofits to Support on #WorldNGODay

by Kristen 26th February 2014

Imagine a donation to your local non-profit as being equivalent to the taxes you might pay for making your community a better place to live. Here are a few that are actively working for Bermuda.


1. The Bermuda Education Network 


is an independent association of organizations that offer free learning opportunities for Bermuda public school students of all ages. They also offer professional development programs for teachers.


What have they done for you lately?


BEN has realized a shortage in advocates verbalizing their stance on a need for a better education system and so have taken on a short-term goal to connect with groups (PTAs, nonprofits, and trade associations) over the next year, in order to provide the tools to speak louder. They have made it a long-term goal to promote citizenship education.


2. Citizens uprooting racism in Bermuda (CURB) 


is an antiracist, interethnic non-governmental organization that actively identifies racism in all its forms and addresses the effects that it has on the Bermudian community.

What have they done for you lately?


This month, The CURB Central Council is strongly giving its support to the call for a gaming referendum which would let every Bermudian have a say with regard to whether they wish gaming and all its associated social problems should be allowed on the Island. Their stance stems from their main concern being that gaming will have a negative affect on the poorer segment of the community (which is predominantly black). 


3. Bermuda’s Brazilian Football School 


is a sports-based youth development organization that acknowledges the ongoing youth crisis in Bermuda and uses football to teach academic excellence and self-confidence.

What have they done for you lately?


This month, February 2014, the school held their second annual Mid-Term Football Life Skills Camp. 


4. Ocean Support Foundation


is an organization whose mission is to lead and support any projects that affect the health and sustainability of Bermuda’s marine environment. 

What have they done for you lately?

They currently assist with the Bermuda Reef Ecosystem Assessment and Mapping Programme (BREAM). BREAM examines the biology and ecology of Bermuda’s coral reefs and attempt to understand, through research, the significant pressures and conflicts that are placed upon Bermuda’s marine environment.


5. The Centre on Philanthropy


The Centre on Philanthropy works to meets the needs for more effective and efficient voluntary action in Bermuda. The Centre’s primary focus is to invest in charities, which in turn help the Bermudian community.


What have they done for you lately?


This month, February 23, 2014, The Centre teamed up with Argus to do a 5k charity walk for the fifth year in a row. This event is unique in that the participants choose the charity or nonprofit that they want to benefit from the their entry fee ($25 of which $20 goes to the charity). 


Do you have another active charity that you’re supporting? Which one?


Join the conversation #WorldNGODay @bermudasearch

Posted by Kristen
Wednesday, 26th February 2014, 09:41pm.
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