Bermudian Folk Remedies, Second Edition by Kuni Frith-Black

by Kristen 30th March 2014

The project's purpose was to preserve this aspect of the Island's rich folk heritage. Upon deliberating about whether to go forward, The Department felt that as these remedies were already being passed down through the Island's generations, the topic would surely “generate interest in the community [especially] since many people are accepting responsibility for their own well-being.”


From its initial launch at the Bermuda National Gallery, the book had trouble staying on the shelves. After many daily restock orders, the print-run of 1500 copies was sold out within the month which has brought the Department to return two months later with the second edition of Bermuda Folk Remedies. The book is to be released at the beginning of April.


As in the first, the author has compiled thorough research on many diseases that affect the Island from diabetes and high cholesterol to heart disease. This new version will include never-before-seen recipes, new photographs demonstrating the different stages of a plant, expanded tributes and an “index of complaints”.


The release will kick off with a book signing next Tuesday, April 1st. Dr. Frith-Black will be in the Washington Mall for the signing along will copies for sale from 11:30am until 5pm. After which, the book will be available from April 1st to 15th exclusively at the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs. They will do another 1500 copy print-run. The books will then be sold in bookstores Island-wide at a suggested retail price of $35.


With the high level of chronic diseases that exist in Bermuda, Dr. Frith-Black has given popular talks on topics such as benefits of natural herbs and organic teas, plant identification, using plants to improve health and beauty and alternatives to prescription medicine. For more information contact Dr. Frith-Black directly on 238-1227.


“We are quite proud of this book and the tremendous amount of research and knowledge that Dr. Kuni Frith-Black has brought to both the first and second editions.” - Wayne Scott, Minister of Community, Culture and Sports.


The Department of Community and Cultural Affairs have also published a companion DVD for the Folklife Documentary Series on “Medicinal Uses of Plants” which features Dr Frith-Black and other folk medicinal practitioners. For a full transcript, apply in writing to the Folklife Department under the Digital Folklife Archives file name FLDO38 – FLD039.


Posted by Kristen
Sunday, 30th March 2014, 01:35pm.
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