A Quiz for Your Customers: How Well do You Know The Newport-Bermuda Race?

by Kristen 16th June 2014


On June 20th, The Cruising Club of America and The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club will collaborate to bring intense but fun competition to a league filled with professional teams of sailing families and friends across the Atlantic.

How well do you know Bermuda’s proud event? Take this quiz to find out. Check the answers at the bottom and let us know your score.

1. When was the first ever Newport Bermuda Race?

a. 1609

b. 1906

c.  2001

d. 1994


2. How many miles does the Newport Bermuda Race run?

a. 2000 miles

b. 635 miles

c. 1500 miles

d. None of the above


3. How often is the Newport Bermuda Race?

a. Once every 10 years

b. Twice a year

c.  Every 4 years

d. Every 2 years


4. The race is mostly for what level of sailor?

a. Professional

b. Amateur

c. Semi-pro

d. The sailor that has enough money


5. How many divisions is it made up of?

a. 10

b. 3

c. 5

d. There are no divisions


6. The boats are tracked out at sea…

a. By advanced satellite technology

b. By milestone sensors

c. Radio positioning every 6 hours

d. They’re not tracked. The first team back to the port wins the race.


7. Who is the official Rum sponsor for the Newport Bermuda Race?

a. Bacardi

b. Gosling’s Rum 

c. Madiraa

d. Captain Morgan


8. The race has traditionally been for men, and so to this day, women do not participate.

1. True

2. False

1. It was 1906, when a magazine editor sought to prove that racing smaller boats could be safe and enjoyable. Coincidentally, he was the winner. 2. 635 miles 3. Every 2 years 4. The race continues to keep its 100-year tradition of having amateur crew comprised of family and friends. 5. 5 divisions. The divisions are St. David’s Lighthouse (for amateur crews on dual purpose racer-cruiser boats); Gibbs Hill Lighthouse (professional crews on modern competitive boats); Double-handed (only two people on each boat); Cruiser (amateur crews on boats not designed for racing); and Open (boats of a size and construction type beyond the normal range of the fleet). 6. …by satellite tracking transponders that are fixed to the boat.  The positions are updated several times a day on the Newport Bermuda race website (link) for friends, family and the racers themselves to see the position of their competitors. 7. Gosling’s Rum (link) 8. False. The inaugural race included a female captain, Ms. Thora Lund Robinson. The race now includes 200 to 300 women among the teams


How well did you do? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter @bermudasearch. 

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Posted by Kristen
Monday, 16th June 2014, 06:26pm.
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