35 Crafty Businesses Take Advantage of Harbour Nights

by Kristen 9th July 2014

Wondering whether you fit into the Harbour Nights scene?

The weekly event presents a plethora of opportunities for local businesses that are involved in arts and culture.

Not only does it open up doors for sales and publicity but it also allows a space for business-to-business connections to happen. Check out the list below to find out where your business fits in and whom you could be adding to your network.


Crafts & Jewellery                                                      Clothing & Accessories 

1.    Alexander Mosher Studio Jewellery                    18.  CB's Trendy Hobo Bags

2.   Atlantic Jewellery Studio                                      19.  Accent Embroidery

3.   Aroma                                                                   20.  Revive Boutiik

4.   Accent Embroidery                                               21.  Soleful Creation

5.   Baskets for You                                                   22.  Zaa Zii Wear

6.   Bermuda Beads                                                   23.  Valerie Souza

7.   Bermuda Candle Company                                 Beauty & Cosmetics

8.   Bermuda Cedar Gifts                                           24.  Basic Beauty Studio

9.   Bermuda Cedar Handcrafts                                25.  BB's Braiding

10.  Bermuda Rocks Jewellery                                  26.  Bermuda Soap Works

11.   Daisy Field Jewellery                                          27.  Hightlights Beauty Salon

12.  Gem Design                                                        28.  Hott Braids

13.  Island Fusion                                                       29.  Khayr's Paradise

14.  Pulp & Circumstance                                          Games & Toys

15.  Rebecca Little Jewellery                                     30.  Island Puzzles

16.  Serenity Designs                                                Creatives

17.  Jennifer Rodrigues Designs                                31.  Geminii Photography
                                                                                   32.  Pink Sand Entertainment

                                                                                   33.  Serenity Designs  

                                                                                   34.  Emerton Productions

                                                                                   35.  DanDesigns (Paintings)


 Whether you’re just starting or have been around for many years, if you have a blooming business in crafts, jewellery, clothing, cosmetics or creative games and toys then a stall at Bermuda Harbour Nights is a great opportunity to create awareness, reach out to customers on a personal level and widen your network of hard working business owners just like you. Also check out our list of Food Vendors That Are Spicing Up Harbour Nights.


It's not too late to get in the game. To rent a stall, you first have to become a member of The Chamber of Commerce. (At half way through the year, you would get a considerable discount). Please bear in mind that your items have to be made by you (or locally), this is the key to becoming a vendor. 

To start the process contact Michelle Smith at The Chamber of Commerce at 441 295-0331.

Let us know where you fit in on Facebook or Twitter. 











 Thumbnail photo: Paul Beilstein, Flickr 

Posted by Kristen
Wednesday, 9th July 2014, 02:47pm.
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