So You Think You're A Bermuda Cup Match Fan? Take This Quiz

by Kristen 25th July 2014

Bermuda is becoming world renowned for its two (or four)-day celebration of camping, boating, swimming and cricket.

While Somerset holds the cup, hundreds of West-End volunteers come together to prepare to host this year's event. We see you have your Cup Match ribbons on but how well do you really know the annual cricket festival? Test your knowledge with this Bermuda Cup Match Quiz and let us know how you did on Facebook or Twitter @bermudasearch.

1. When was the silver cup actually introduced into the annual cricket match, officially decreeing it 'Cup Match'? 

a. 1610, a year after the British settlers arrived.
b. 1902, randomly.
c. 1834 to celebrate the abolishment of slavery on the Island.
d. None of the above.

2. The rivalry between St. George's (East) and Somerset (West) fans is often unfriendly and has been known to cause serious problems.

a. True
b. False

3. Why did they eventually decide to make it an official holiday anyway?
a. Too many people were taking the time off of work to watch the match anyway.
b. A labour strike influenced the decision by government.
c. The British administration in charge at the time felt that Bermuda deserved a day off.
d. It's not actually an official holiday, but nobody realizes (or cares).

4. What does each day of the holiday represent?
a. A day to celebrate east meets west (Friday) and a day to celebrate the national drink, Rum Swizzle (Friday).
b. Both days are a celebration of the game of cricket.
c. Emancipation Day (Thursday) and a day commemorating Sir. George Somers (Friday)
d. It doesn't represent anything; it's just an excuse to party with family and friends.

5. Cup Match is supposed to be the only time that gambling is legal in Bermuda, played via the popular game, Crown & Anchor (C&A).
a. True
b. False

6. Who is responsible for accepting the money won from the gaming setup throughout the weekend?
a. The player who stays at the C&A table the longest.
b. The dealer.
c. Whichever team is hosting the match that year, i.e. Somerset or St. George's Cricket Club
d. The person or group renting the C&A table from the cricket club.

7. How long have the contests, The Summer Swizzler – Swizzle Mix Contest and the Decorated Champion of Cup Match, been running?
a. This year will be the 10-year anniversary for both of them.
b. They have been around since the beginning of Cup Match.
c. Those contests don't exist.
d. 2014 will be the first year for both contests.

8. The now household name, BeachFest, entertains over 10,000 people every year.
a. True
b. False

9. Which batsman currently holds the title for Best Batting Average?
a. Lionel Cann (St. Georges)
b. Oliver 'O.J.' Pitcher (St. Georges)
c. Colin Blades (Somerset)
d. Janeiro Tucker (Somerset)

10. The Non-Mariners Race, which usually takes place on the Sunday of Cup Match weekend, is actually a charity event.
a. True
b. False


1. In 1902, members of Friendly Societies and Lodges raised funds for the silver cup to be played for annually.
2. False. Even though fans are die hard for their team, most would say it creates friendly competition and a electric energy around the Island.
3. Because of continued absences at work due to the popularity of the annual cricket match.
4. Emancipation Day and a day commemorating Sir. George Somers.
5. True.
6. The person or group renting the table from the cricket club.
7. This year will be its first official year to be launched.
8. True, 2010 the organizers saw 12,000 people attend the games, concerts and family picnics on Horshoe Bay Beach.
9. Janeiro Tucker, holds a batting average of 62.45 (Number of runs divided by the total number of times he has been out).
10. True, each “non-craft” or participant nominates a charity and the winner's charity will receive a cash prize in their name.

Photo credits:

Cover photo: CupMatch by KansasPhoto, Flickr
Top photo: Crown & Anchor by Lisa, Flickr
Bottom photo: Groovin' by Lisa

Posted by Kristen
Friday, 25th July 2014, 08:43pm.
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