5 @Bermuda Twitter Accounts For You To Follow

by Kristen 26th August 2014

Bermuda is increasingly getting with the Twitter trend and while we love what Tourism are doing to highlight the Island's offerings, we've found these accounts that are more under the radar. They are a great use of the platform as a means to share interesting facts and stunning photos about the Island from a local perspective. Check it out.

  1. Simons.Flow @Flowbewankenobi

    Simons.Flow is a self-proclaimed “abstract artist, rum drinker and a Social Media Jedi”. He posts Bermuda news, comments on recent world events and popular culture. His tweets take on issues that may be affecting the Island in a way that can be approachable to both Bermuda's youth and young at heart.

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  2. Karriem A. Sharieff @exist270


Karriem A. Sharieff presents intriguing photos at least once a day. They tend to show the Island in a new light, along with quotes that, at the very least, help to shift perspective on life to a more positive light. It's not a bad idea to add this account to your morning newspaper ritual. They'll either lift your spirits a bit or want to jump in Bermuda's beautiful waters.

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  3. Bermunchies @Bermunchies

    What is Bermudian food? Bermunchies is a food account that explores the unique cultural cuisines that make up the traditional Bermudian dishes. They focus on providing traditional Bermuda recipes such as Mama V’s Banana Bread and Banana Custard. A great account for foodies both on the Island and abroad.

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  4. dave g @bdatryangle

    dave g defines himself through his fatherhood and as simply a “web guy” but his account suggests more than that. He regularly comments on events affecting the Island and occasionally the world. This account will make you ask more questions to yourself and to the world around you.

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  5. Premier Dunkley @BermudaPremier

    From Bermuda Cup Match to the Island's international relations, the Hon. Michael H Dunkley, Premier of Bermuda & Minister of National Security comments on most notable events in Bermuda and abroad. By following him on Twitter, you can also follow him around the Island as he shakes hands and smiles with Bermuda’s finest. This is just plain handy.

    What's been tweeted Recently:

    Simons.Flow, Karriem Sharieff, Bermunchies, Premier Dunkley and dave g are not just interesting to read, reflective and interactive. These individual accounts will have you looking at Island life in an encouraging and light-hearted way. Happy following! 

(*) BYP does not represent or endorse the accuracy of any information, content or advertisements distributed through the above twitter accounts.


Posted by Kristen
Tuesday, 26th August 2014, 09:42pm.
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