How to Host a Canadian Thanksgiving in Bermuda

by Kristen 9th October 2014

Monday the 13th is Canadian Thanksgiving.

You may be wondering about this joyous holiday that makes the Canadians in Bermuda so darn happy; three words—food, family and fun. If you don't believe us, try it for yourself. After all, any excuse to eat is a good one, right? Here’s a short guide to navigate you through Canadian Thanksgiving in Bermuda.


  1. Canadians are used to enjoying succulent Turkey made by experienced hands, juicy cranberry sauce, crunchy seasoned stuffing and pumpkin pie. MarketPlace is selling all of this to help you create a full DIY Thanksgiving feast. Fresh turkeys will be available on Monday morning if you get there early. The chef at the Food Court will also be serving a full Thanksgiving spread in recognition of the celebration.

  2. Thanksgiving is really the beginning of fall and the best time to get out for some fresh autumn air. The time between lunch and dinner leaves room for a short hike on a multicoloured trail. Canadians are missing something like this:

    And this.

  3. But we can have the same level of enjoyment on the Bermuda Railway Trail (Sandy’s Parish) or Spittal Pond Nature Reserve (Smith’s Parish). These car-free routes can allow for great conversation with friends and family and work up a hearty appetite for what's to come next.

  4. Before you start eating dinner, it is a very common Canadian tradition to go around the table and have everyone say what they are thankful for; this is a tradition that can be traced back to 1578. Can't question that!

  5. After dinner (if you haven’t eaten too much) you can head over to Docksider to watch the NFL game: 49ers vs. Rams starting at 8:30pm. Everyone will be waiting for you.

  6. Don’t want to cook yourself? The Association of Canadians in Bermuda is hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner and, as usual, will be putting on a great party.  If you want to celebrate with other Canadians, this is where you’ll find them.

    Having the right food, building an appetite and finding other Canadians to celebrate with are the basic ingredients to a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving and encompass all of the traditions that the Canadians on the Island will be missing at home. Go ahead and enjoy the culture this Monday; guaranteed this is something that's going to stick. 

Photo credit:
Fall Road Glow by Matthew Paulson, Flickr user, CC 
Thanksgiving Figurines by Mr. TinDC, Flickr user, CC 
Autumn Trees by Barbara, Flickr user, CC


Posted by Kristen
Thursday, 9th October 2014, 07:49pm.
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