PURE Water & PURE Ice Vending Machine NOW OPEN 24 Hours

by Jim Ramsay 1st, March 2023

Have you tried our new Vending machine yet? 


It is OPEN  24 HOURS. You are able to purchase #PureIce or refill your #PureWater bottles.

You can reuse your #PureWater bottle caps or purchase new ones.  

New Caps are only 50 cents



5 gals- $12.90

3 gals- $7.90

1 gal- $3.25



12lbs.- $7.75

20 lbs. -$10.50


Bermuda Waterworks Limited
32 Parsons Lane, Devonshire. DV 06
Tel: 299-7873



Posted by Jim Ramsay
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