Brand new 44" Bellicon rebounder with folding legs and DVD's $ 800.00

by Fit 29th August 2017

This is the absolute best recommended form of exercise for people suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders!

Not comparable with other rebounders as bungee cords near to zero impact on joints. Springs can and will cause further damage!

This brand new rebounder, complete with DVD's, has orange bungees, black mat and foldable legs is amazing. Must sell as we are leaving island and too costly to ship again.

A bellicon workout is like treating yourself to a full-body tune-up. It will strengthen your heart, build lung capacity and prevent your bones from losing density and becoming brittle. You'll burn fat, increase your energy and help your body stay strong, aligned and balanced.

It’s the most fun you’ll ever have getting in shape, losing weight, improving your health, increasing your stamina, and boosting your immune system.

It exercises every one of the 638 muscles in your body while being low-impact, low-stress, and revitalizing to your entire system.

And it’s actually fun, so instead of avoiding your workouts, you’ll be looking forward to them.

Checkout for more info.
$800 ono

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