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One of the greatest attractions for tourists and divers in Bermuda are the wide range of colorful coral reefs that can...

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Whalebone Bay Beach,

Minnie Breslauer,

Today is World NGO day, and the perfect time to think about finding an organization to support. To help you with your...
For years, Bermuda has been recognized as the shipwreck capital of the Atlantic Ocean. The island itself owes its...
Bermuda's waters are home to many fascinating species of sea turtle! Read on to learn more. 
Happy Family Day! Bermuda is great in winter! Although slower paced, the weather and paradise surroundings still...
Looking to get married in Bermuda?  Here are the things you need to know!
Our handy list gives you easy access to all Bermuda postal codes, find your street address and get the code.
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