About Yabsta

We offer Cloud Hosting in Bermuda and offshore QuoVadis, IBM and Amazon.com Web Services with 100% Secure SSL Protection.

Website Hosting Pricing

Disk space Mb 512 Mb 1280 Mb
Monthly bandwidth Gb 5 Gb / month 10 Gb / month
Max FTP accounts 2 2
Max databases 2 2
Editing | changes
(text and image changes
only if we have built the site)
Monthly rate

Note: Prices are to be estimated for custom hosting.

Website Hosting Service*

Additional disk space - 512 Mb $20 / month
Additional bandwidth - 5 Gb $20 / month
Password reset (one time) $10 / month
DNS hosting $20 / month
DNS record modifications (.bm) (eg. nameserver change) $150
Hosting record modifications (txt, cname, spf, etc.) $150
Domain registration $200
Parked domain (each) $10 / month
Mx record change $150
Domain re-directs $100
Repoint domain $100
Additional database $150

Although we do still host websites built by third party vendors, we do not offer website management services for them, since their setup, building practices, and software requirements differ. Also note that if the client does not keep their website CMS and plugins up to date, BYP | Yabsta takes no responsibility if the website gets compromised. If we recognize that it has been compromised, we will suspend the hosting account immediately and all tasks associated with bringing the site live again will be billed at an hourly rate.

We only manage websites
that we have built
When will your site be hacked?
Help Is Here

Website Security

Did you know that there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds?
Nearly half of cyber attacks target small businesses - and you could be next. Here's how to prevent it:

Create a secure password and change it frequently.

Always update your software This includes CMS, web servers, plugins, modules, extensions and more. When possible, set software to update automatically.

Implement a strict security policy to protect your website This includes proper management of user access and data encryption.

Enable secure socket layer (SSL) SSL establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser, ensuring that all data passed in between remains private.

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) 2FA makes it difficult for hackers to login to your website - even with your password.

Opt for updated platforms like yabsta v5 instead Operating softwares like Wordpress and Joomla are frequent targets.

To keep your website safe in bermuda, contact our security team at 278-1001.