Paget Parish Council

PO Box PG 150, Paget Parish, Bermuda, PG BX

Paget Parish Council - Bermuda

Working for the benefit of all residents of Paget
The Paget Parish Council acts on behalf of the residents of Paget.  The 
Council preserves and improves the general amenities of the parish and 
promotes the well-being of persons resident in the parish.

The Council can bring to the attention of the Government Minister 
responsible for Parish Councils any matter affecting the general welfare of 
residents of Paget.

The Paget Parish Council manages the Waterlot property at Red Hole, 
including the dock, the mooring slips at the dock and the Red Hole beaches.

The Council supports Paget students who are college-bound by awarding 
two scholarships annually.  The Paget Parish Undergraduate Scholarship is
for Paget residents who will be studying overseas.  The Robert J. Wright 
Scholarship is for local Bermuda College students.

Please help us keep Paget litter-free and safe by reporting any of the 
following concerns:

illegal parking
abandoned vehicles
illegal dumping
faulty street lights
road safety issue


  • Promotes the well-being of Paget residents
  • Preserves and improves the general amenities of the parish
  • Acts as liaison between concerned residents and Ministry
  • Manages the property at the Red Hole Dock
  • Awards college scholarships to Paget students
  • .
  • Please keep Paget in great shape by reporting any of the following concerns:
  • Road Safety Issues
  • Faulty Street Lights
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Abandoned Vehicles