Adventureland Nursery & Preschool

45 Middle Rd., Warwick Parish, Bermuda, | Directions
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Monday - Friday 7:45 - 5:30
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  • Qualified Teachers
  • Thematic Curriculum
  • Field Trips
  • Music Program

Adventureland is a place to grow.  The magical time at our school is full of wonder, questions and a time of curiosity and le arning about the world.  It is energy beyound belief, and a time of quick sorrows and much laughter.

Located on Middle Road in Warwick, Adventureland Nursery School is a bright and airy facility catered to nurturing and helping to develop the minds of toddlers.  Adventureland is a full equipped facility with spacious classrooma and playground.    Our teachers are qualified with CPR and First Aid

We accept kids from 18 months of age through 5 years.  

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