Bermuda Sport Anti Doping Authority

2 Midsea Land, Serpentine Rd, Pembroke Parish, Bermuda, HM 07 | Directions
441-232-7232 Hotline
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BSADA  responsibility is to ensure sports bodies in Bermuda are compliant with the World Anti Doping Code and the Illicit Policy with the implementation and managment of the Bermuda Government Policy Paper on Anti Doping.

We seek in achieving a doping free and drug free sporting environment in Bermuda we provide  education and information programmes; athlete testing; intelligence management and exclusive results management for anti doping rule violations.


  • National Sport Governing Body
  • Coaches
  • Education Mission Statement
  • BSADA Education Service Grid
  • HOTLINE 441-23BSADA (27232)
  • BASADA offers two programmes - WADA Anti Doping Programme and the Illicit Drug Programme.