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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - Organizational Wellbeing (including Corporate Assessment & Training) - Personal & Interpersonal Wellbeing (including Fitness &Relational) - Executive & Life Coaching - Drug-free Workplace Policy Development & Drug-Screening


Employee Assistance Program – Employee productivity and engagement vary directly in relationship to how one manages the challenges found in both the workplace and inour personal environments. At Benedict, we partner with managers and staff to identify and manage challenges large and small.

Organizational Wellbeing – At Benedict, we are natural problem-solvers. We will thoroughly assess and co-create solutions with corporate decision-makers that are timely and long lasting. Our cadre of services are massive and linked with a USA-based leader in training & corporate development.

Personal & Interpersonal Wellbeing – It’s challenging to know where coping with a crisis-oriented situation ends and personal or interpersonal growth begins. We work with individuals & relationships both personally or in unison with another. Our feedback demonstrates high-level success in addressing and redefining the individual’s ‘way of
being’ – solo, and in relation to another, or with others collectively be it family or team.

Physical Wellbeing – since 2022, we have an inhouse personal trainer for individuals or for client companies including worldclass assessment tools providing body composition analyses specific to each individual followed by a personally designed program according to one’s own data and the desired outcomes of anyone involved.

Executive & Life Coaching packages can be arranged individually or via a corporate initiative whereby company decision-makers can assign units of care for fast-tracking
upcoming champions in the workplace or for anyone requiring specific areas of focus for personal and/or work-related growth.

Drug-Free Workplace initiatives assure corporate decision-makers that hiring and retaining drug-free staff is a significant component of their Company Handbook. This
includes pre-employment screening as well as screening for reasonable cause if drug use is suspected amongst staff. Benedict works with decision-makers to assure that
company policy is in keeping with the latest international standards.For companies that regularly measure drug use in the workplace via random screening, over time,companies have reduced the prevalence of use from more than 20% to under 2%.