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Here at Bermuda Brickyard, we offer our clients a way to beautify their property with the Verdure Retaining Wall System by Soil Retention. Your undeveloped land can be turned into a beautiful and usable space with this plantable, versatile retaining wall system.

Soil Retention also provides drivable grass which is a plantable concrete pavement system. We also supply the finest stone and brick for all your driveway needs including our heavy-duty solar-powered lights.

For an estimate call or visit our Pembroke location today.


  • Plantable Retaining Wall
  • Wall Systems
  • Drivable Grass
  • Fine Stone Products
  • Tremron Concerte Pavers
  • Firebrick
  • Antique Red Brick
  • Old Chicago Brick
  • Antique Cobblestones
  • Granite Sets
  • Mandarin Stone Products