Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Bermuda

25 Point Finger Rd., Paget Parish, Bermuda, DV 04
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Welcome to BBBS of Bermuda! BBBS Bermuda is a mentoring program dedicated to helping children and youth, primarily from single parent homes, realize their potential by facilitating the development of long-term one-to-one relationships. How does it work? We match a child with an adult mentor - a positive role model and friend. This means that we match the specific strengths, interests, and abilities of the volunteer to the needs of the child. The volunteer, known as a "Big", spends a minimum of three hours a week for at least one year with their "Little" by helping them build personal values such as self-esteem, self-respect and respect toward others. Benefits to the "Big" - besides an incredibly rewarding experience, there is personal fulfillment; a sense of contributing or giving back to the community; the opportunity of sharing wisdom and experiences, and the joy of encouraging and inspiring young people. Research has shown that youth matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister are 52% more likely to stay in school, 46% less likely to use drugs, and 32% less likely to engage in acts of violence. Youth also manifest increased self-confidence, a sense of increased self-worth, the ability to trust and a heightened sense of good judgment. This goal-oriented practical approach to matching "Bigs" with "Littles" distinguishes the Big Brother Big Sister program from any other mentoring program internationally and has therefore enjoyed worldwide acclaim. •Volunteer Mentoring is a wonderful opportunity to change a child's life in a simple but powerful way. It is about building a healthy, trusting and powerful relationship with another, and in the process developing a child's capacity for positive, constructive living. The average match lasts three years; many last a lifetime, and the rewards of the match are experienced equally both by the volunteer and by his or her Little Brother or Little Sister. How You Can Help Become a Big Please CLICK HERE for more information on becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister. Become a Volunteer Please CLICK HERE for more information on becoming a Volunteer.

  • Friendship makes A BIG difference