Fort Scaur

Scaur Hill Dr., Somerset, Bermuda, MA 06 | Directions
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by SHansten
Fort Scaur is a great place to chill with the family or have a great afternoon picnic. It also has an amazing view so if you wanted to you could watch the sunset or sunrise. Fort Scaur definitely gives you a sense of peace

In the 1860s, the 61st Foot Regiment was sent to Scaur Hill for the purpose of raising a fort. The work at Scaur Hill continued into the 1880s when a ditch, which extends across Somerset island, was excavated and the fort was armed with 64-pound guns on disappearing carriages. A replica of this carriage has been recently installed at the fort. From the fort's ramparts see magnificent views of the Great Sound, the Royal Naval Dockyard, and through the free telescope sites as far away as Fort St. Catherine and St. David's lighthouse. Scaur Hill Fort was built to defend the Royal Naval Dockyard against the Americans in the 19th century but in the 1940s Americans guns defended the fort. The fort now stands as a monument to the friendship which exists between Bermuda and its old archenemy, the United States of America. • Rocky shoreline for fishing