J.W. Gray & Co. Ltd.

PO Box PG 79, Paget Parish, Bermuda, PG BX | Directions

About Us: J.W. Gray & Co., is Bermuda’s premier roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall finish specialists, offering innovative building envelope systems and products that are at the forefront of technology. Founded on unyielding commitments to integrity, quality, and unsurpassed service, J.W. Gray & Co. has a long history of contributing to Bermuda’s most advanced and prestigious developments. J.W. Gray & Co. has an impressive track record of successfully collaborating with architects, general contractors and clients on projects of all sizes, providing custom building envelope solutions. We are a fully insured Bermudian company with warranty certified installers, and we are proud to serve Bermuda’s construction industry. Company History: The inception of Bermuda’s premier building envelope contractor was the culmination of industry experience, savvy, and dogged determination on the part of it’s founder Jonathan W. Gray. Before founding J.W. Gray & Co., Jonathan was the Projects Manager for DWS Inc. from 1986 to 1990, where he oversaw the Facilities Support contracts for the Department of Defense, United States Navel Facilities, Bermuda. In 1990, Gray acquired the DWS contracts in Bermuda, and founded J.W. Gray & Co., the first and only entirely Bermudian company to hold an exclusive presence on the US naval base. When the base closed its operations on the island, J.W. Gray & Co. continued to flourish by diversifying its offering with state-of-the-art roofing technologies and waterproofing systems. From its origins, the company grew steadily over the years, and today J.W. Gray & Co. is regarded as Bermuda’s premier roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall specialists. Its proven formula for success is derived from the company’s unwavering commitment to quality, client satisfaction, innovative technology, and an uncompromising value for integrity. “Our relentless insistence on a job beyond reproach is what has shaped our reputation in the industry,” says Jonathan W. Gray, founder and president, J.W. Gray & Co. “These founding values continue to inspire our team.” J.W. Gray & Co. has been a part of Bermuda’s iconic and prestigious developments, including: the Ariel Sands Villas, Sky Top, Axis House & Montpellier House, The Waterfront, York House, the Bank of Butterfield Rosebank Centre, and Tuckers Point to name a few. Clients can rely on J.W. Gray & Co. for professional service, and the industry’s benchmark for quality.