Lemon Tree Cafe

7 Queen St., City of Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 11 | Directions
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by Unknown 08.10.10
The wraps from this place are really good, but i really enjoy the happy hour every Friday. Take some friends, and enjoy yourself. It's a nice chill spot.
by Safiya 05.10.10
Lemon Tree Cafe has a great location so it is perfect for a quick bite for lunch from work, it's also located close to the ferry stop and not to far of a distance from the cruise ships so it's great for tourist. My favorite part about their meals at lunch is that they can be very healthy but delicious all at the same time! I love their wraps and their fresh chicken salads and it is located right by the park so if you don't feel like sitting at their seating than you have the option of sitting in the park!