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  • flat tire change
  • cut & dump cars
  • car unlocking

Lowe’s offers roadside, residential and commercial towing in Bermuda. Capable of towing cars, trucks, bikes, trailers and virtually any other type of vehicle, we’ll take on any job and get it done quickly at a competitive price.


Nobody likes having to clamp someone’s car, but sometimes you just have no choice. Lowe’s offers the speediest and most responsive clamping in Bermuda, always ensuring that the offending vehicle is treated with care and respect.


Vehicle Disposal
When replacing an old vehicle with a new one, you are legally obligated by the Bermuda Government to dispose of it in accordance with local environmental and safety regulations. Lowe’s offers a complete vehicle disposal service for bikes, cars, trucks or any other kind of vehicle you need to get rid of.


Our other services include:


Accident & Emergency Vehicle Recovery
Bike Pick-up
Unlocking Of Locked Vehicles
Dead Battery Jump-starts

Call Lowe’s Towing today to enlist any our services. We’ll respond to your service needs promptly and professionally!