Government of Bermuda - Lyceum Preschool

191 North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda, CR 03 | Directions
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. . . 8:30am - 3:00pm
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Based in Hamilton Parish, Lyceum Preschool is one of Bermuda's many government funded educational institutions.

We make learning fun for the children. We are dedicated to building a strong foundation for the future and the environment in the school is fun and educational. We help children become better human beings and independent learners. The children enrolled at Lyceum Preschool know that it’s a place to play, learn and grow together.  With a team of qualified and professional staff and teachers, we use the most up to date tools and technologies available for teaching.

We at Lyceum Preschool give personal care and attention to each child and our primary aim is to use play-based methods to help children retain information. We operate from 830am to 3pm on weekdays.

  • Located in Hamilton Parish
  • Lyceum Preschool
  • Fun & Educational Environment
  • Qualified Staff & Teachers
  • Advanced Teaching Tools & Technologies
  • Personal Care & Attention For Each Child