APEX LAW GROUP LTD (Lynda Milligan-Whyte & Associates Is Now A Member Of Apex Law Group Ltd)

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Apex Law Group Ltd., Barristers, Attorneys & Notaries Public, a Bermuda-based full service firm that specializes in Corporate & commercial Law

From its headquarters in Hamilton, Bermuda and its affiliations in Hong Kong, our team of attorneys bring a global yet highly personalized perspective to our client transactions, often dealing effectively with multi-jurisdictional transactions across time zones.

APEX LAW GROUP LTDis a Bermuda-based international business law firm (as a result of the merger of Lynda Milligan-Whyte & Associates and Richmond Law Offices) headed by the former Bermuda Government Senator, Lynda Milligan-Whyte, J.D., who has more than two and a half decades of legal corporate/commercial experience having commenced her career at the Ontario Securities Commission in the early 1980s and then in private practice in Bermuda since that time. Mrs. Milligan-Whyte currently serves as a Director of the Bermuda Monetary Authority which regulates financial services in Bermuda and formerly served as an independent Director of the Bermuda Stock Exchange.
The team of attorneys at APEX has assisted both the Bermuda Government and the private sector in developing Bermuda as a respected ‘Financial Centre’ from which a broad range of international transactions occur. The firm’s experience has been extensive in all areas of corporate and commercial transactions involving Bermuda companies, partnerships or trusts. By clicking any of the titles below, more detailed information is available on the procedures involved in dealing with any of the following:
Bermuda Company Formations
Bermuda Branch Operations or Permit Companies
Bermuda Settlements & Trusts
Bermuda Exempted Partnerships and Limited Partnerships
Corporate Restructuring, Re-domiciliation or Continuation in or from Bermuda
Bermuda Joint Ventures
IPO(s) and Public Listings on the BSX
Aircraft Registrations
Civil Litigation, Insolvencies & Liquidations
Trademark Registrations
Legalization of Documents
Telecommunications & eCommerce
APEX brings a unique perspective to the Bermuda marketplace by providing clients with creative and cost effective legal solutions that result from an inter-disciplinary approach to legal problem solving combined with far-reaching experience of our legal team from other common law jurisdictions such as Canada, Australia, the U.K. and the U.S.A.
Our firm’s clients include corporations that have international operations in the insurance/reinsurance, financial services, securities, telecommunications, oil and gas, shipping, aviation, and pharmaceutical sectors, such as:Citibank Group N.A., British Telecommunications, TeleBermuda, Teekay Corporation, Planair, Sonair, Matheson Investment Management, Forex Trading, HCC Reinsurance, Swiss Reinsurance, Corange, Alpharma.


  • Incorporation Of Bermuda Companies - Insurance & Reinsurance
  • Aircraft Registrations - Trusts & Estates - Property - Banking & Finance
  • Investment Funds & Fund Administration - Mergers & Aquisitions
  • Liquidations - Trademark Registrations - eCommerce & Information Technology
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