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Designers at heart are committed to weaving dreams into the very fabric of our societies, whether it be the financial or aesthetic dreams of our clients, the societal goals of our communities or the experiential dreams of the end user. Our goal as visionaries, architects, designers and planners is to interpret and translate those dreams, whether tangible or as yet unimagined, into three dimensional form – the creation of a true sense of place, a destination.
These destinations occupy special places in our hearts and minds, conjuring up unique feelings and mental images. For those of us in the business of creating destinations – a setting for new perspectives, discoveries and memorable experiences – there is no greater reward than crafting a place that is authentic, unique and incomparably marketable.
OBMI’s success is based on the fundamental principle of embracing the very culture, history and heritage of a specific place, taking those fundamental values from the past and, in the context of our client’s strategic intent, creatively reinterpreting them through an understanding of today’s shifting values to dictate the design path taken.
At OBMI, our designers have a long successful history of creating environments for people to live out their dreams – it is our passion.