Pizza House Restaurants

Shelly Bay Market Place Plaza, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda, CR 01 | Directions
441-293-8465 Shelly Bay
441-238-2753 Heron Bay
441-293-5700 Southside
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by toby 07.01.12
Ordered for the first time tonight. Waited over an hour before calling to see where the order was only to be told we hadn't placed an order. shocking. won't use again
by Unknown 08.10.10
I personal favorite pizza on the island. Would never pass for any other pizza. I use to live up the hill from them, but my frequent visits didn't stop when i moved. They do up your order pretty quick, and there right in the Heron bay market place, so you can order do a bit of shopping and come right back to a nice warm pizza. YUM!
by Safiya 21.09.10
What I like about Pizza house is that you can get a variety of foods from there. Yes its a pizza restaurant but it also has other hot food that I get when I want a heavier meal. I also like their fruit slush's! They are well and hit the spot!