St. George's Preschool

11 Old Military Road, Saint George, Bermuda, GE 03 | Directions
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. . . 8:30am - 3:00pm
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At St. George's Preschool, our infrastructure is funded by the Ministry of Education. The school building is blue and white and we operate on weekdays from 830am to 3pm.


We are dedicated to preparing all of our students for the next phase of their life and for facing the challenges ahead of them in a rapidly changing society. We understand that every child learns and grows at a different pace and give individualized attention to each. We also provide an inviting, nurturing, stimulating and safe environment that meets the needs of our students. Our capacity is 30 and our staff are skilled, friendly and welcoming. 


St. George's Preschool's motto is "Learning through Play" and we use state of the art technology. The school facility, classrooms and grounds are well maintained. Contact us to find out more. 

  • Located in St. George's
  • "Learning Through Play"
  • Funded by Ministry of Education
  • Maximum Capacity 30 Students
  • Inviting, Nurturing & Stimulating Environment
  • Skilled & Welcoming Staff