Simple Solutions

50 Ord Rd., Paget Parish, Bermuda, PG 04
Are You Ready for a Home Make-over? Would you like to feel organized, clutter-free, and in control of a peaceful home? Now that the kids are back in school and the house is a little quieter, it is time for that Home Make-over... Wouldn't it feel great to: Gain control over clutter build-up Find items easily that you've been searching for Amaze your family with your home's new face-lift Encourage your friends to drop by -- anytime Be proud of your space Anne Hyde's SIMPLE SOLUTIONS to organize your Bermuda home Create more space in your kitchen or tackle the mess in the bedroom/ spare room/ garage. No matter what your organizing project may be, we will custom tailor solutions to fit you and your family. Here's how we'll help you conquer clutter and finally feel relaxed and in control About Us: Anne leads people from feeling overwhelmed and living in chaos to being organized and clutter free -- a much happier place! Anne Hyde grew up in a house that was so packed with "stuff" that you didn't dare open the closet door for fear of what would fall out. At one point there were 16 chairs in the Living Room (no, that didn't say Dining Room). Clean and dirty laundry were in a perpetual tangle on the Laundry Room floor. Anne has not always been what her friends would call an organized person. But uncluttered spaces and a sense of order appeal greatly to her. Anne sees solutions. And it's her passion to teach organizing skills to others. Anne founded the business, Simple Solutions, in 2004. She is an international member of the US-based National Association of Professional Organizers and follows a strict Code of Ethics regarding all clients' privacy and confidentiality. Like most people, Anne is a life-long learner and is always eager to broaden her knowledge base. She intends to become a board Certified Professional Organizer in the near future.