Government of Bermuda - T N Tatem Middle School

60 Middle Road, Warwick Parish, Bermuda, WK 03 | Directions
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. . . 8:30am - 3:30pm
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Located in Warwick, Bermuda, T N Tatem Middle School is headed by Francine McMahon and is considered to be one of the best educational institutions on the island. We operate from 830am to 3pm.

Our teaching and support staff are highly qualified and understand the needs of growing children. We treat them with love and compassion and motivate them to have a vision and purpose in life. Our teachers utilize the most advanced curriculum available, alongside state of the art tools and technologies. Our school library holds a vast collection of books from various authors for children enjoy. 


We organize parent-teacher meetings to keep parents informed on the progress of their children and to also encourage them to be an active participant in the education process. 

  • Located in Warwick
  • Principal Francine McMahon
  • Highly Qualified Teaching & Support Staff
  • Vast Collection of Books in School Library
  • Latest Tools & Technologies for Teaching
  • Advanced Curriculum