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by Unknown 15.06.14
I decided to give this service a call when I was desperate for water one day. When the person answered the phone I asked if they could deliver to my area of the island and the man sarcastically replied that the island is only 21 square miles. I ignored the comment made and proceeded to try and arrange a time slot. The man on the phone then gave me the impression that he would be doing me a huge favour(as if I would not be purchasing the water).He then tells me to text him and he'll see what he can do.
If you want passive aggresive service then by all means choose this service. However there are hundreds of other water trucks on the island.
by Unknown 17.09.10
Reviewed by JanetSmith, jegs1948@northrock.bm on 18/08/2010 00:38
I found WaterNow in the yellow pages when I was desparate for water. Darren was professional and very helpful. We have always worked out delivery times that are suitable all around. He keeps in communication with me when I am waiting for my water delivery which reduces the stress you feel when you have to pay for water. I am a regular client and won't be going anywhere else. AND he has an eco friendly truck which is really improtant to the environment. Thanks WaterNow!!!