Whitney Institute Middle School

59 Middle Road, Smith's Parish, Bermuda, FL 04 | Directions
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Monday - Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm
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Educating Bermuda's Youth

Whitney Institute Middle School is located in Smith’s and operates from 830am to 3pm on weekdays. Our school colours are red, green and gold.

Under the guidance of the Principal Reeshemah Swan, we are committed to giving the best of education to our students. We focus on academic and non-academic learning to help children grow to their maximum potential.  Our interactive online teaching and learning tools provide a personalized learning experience for students and our dedicated staff organize annual events to help enhance their creativity and problem solving skills. Our teaching module is designed to foster the academic performance of each child.

Our motto is "Keeping the Faith with Greatness of Spirit!" Contact us to find out more. 

  • Located in Smith's
  • Whitney Institute Middle School
  • Government Funded
  • Help Children Grow to Their Maximum Potential
  • Interactive Online Teaching
  • Enhancing Academic Performance
  • Keeping The Faith With Greatness of Spirit!