Royal Bermuda Regiment

Warwick Camp, 1 South Rd., Warwick Parish, Bermuda, WK 01 | Directions
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Serving Bermuda

Since 1965, Warwick Camp has been the Royal Bermuda Regiments headquarters. We fall under the remit of His Excellency the Governor who serves as Commander in Chief. We have always stood to protect the people, property, and interests of Bermuda.


The Royal Bermuda Regiment serves the nation by being available in times of crisis and natural disaster. Guided by the Defence Board, we support the Government of Bermuda through assistance to civil ministries, the civil power, and Bermudian society. We send volunteers to assist international communities, with a recent deployment being sent to Cayman, Turks, Caicos, and Grenada for disaster relief.


Rich in history and tradition, the Royal Bermuda Regiment is a military unit that seeks to serve Bermuda and its residents. Soldiers are held to high standards and values include selfless commitment, courage, discipline, integrity, loyalty, and respect.