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Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm
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Operating under the Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs, the Department of Marine and Ports oversees Bermuda's marine affairs.


We provide public sea transport and are responsible for the safe movement of international shipping in Bermudian waters. We are responsible for monitoring commercial and recreational boat traffic and also work towards marine search, rescue, and seaport security. We maintain all marine aids for navigation and run pilotage and line boat services at Bermuda ports.


Our additional services include boat and mooring registration, oil spill response, salvage work, and more. We are located in Hamilton and contribute to the public transportation system through the operation of ferry services. Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 830am to 430pm.  

  • Oversees Bermuda's Maritime Activities
  • Seaport Security
  • Bermuda Governments Maritime Support Program
  • International Shipping in Bermudian Waters
  • Commercial & Recreational Boat Traffic
  • Marine Search & Rescue
  • Navigation Aids
  • Line Boat Services
  • Boat & Mooring Registration
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Ferry Services