Department of Statistics

Cedar Park Centre, 48 Cedar Ave., PO Box HM 3015 Hamilton HM MX, City of Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 11 | Directions
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 The Department of Statistics is one of the core internal service units under Bermuda's Cabinet Office Ministry. We are responsible for providing statistics and reports.


We collect data and generate reports to understand Bermuda’s economy and society. We are Bermuda’s official national statistics agency and are responsible for conducting the Census. We generate reports about employment, household expenditure, population gross domestic product and consumer pricing for the cost of food, clothing, fuel, and transportation on the island. We collect data through surveys and censuses on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis. We also ensure that no data is duplicated.


The government of Bermuda is our key stakeholder and relies on our reports for policymaking, macroeconomic management, and social reformation. Our operation is guided by international statistical standards and best practices to enable comparison of statistical data.

  • Located in Hamilton
  • Official National Statistics Agency
  • Employment in Bermuda
  • Household Expenditure
  • Bermuda Population & Demographics
  • Gross Domestic Product in Bermuda
  • Technology in Business
  • Consumer Pricing of Food, Rent, Fuel & More
  • Economic Statistics
  • Social Statistics
  • Census Data
  • Employment Surveys