The Pension Commission

Wessex House, 45 Reid Street, Ground Floor, P. O. Box HM 3384, Hamilton HM PX, City of Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 12 | Directions
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Protecting Bermuda

The Pension Commission is a pension system that was established in Bermuda to protect beneficiaries in occupational pension schemes. We are governed by the National Pension Scheme (Occupational Pensions Act 1998 and National Pension Scheme 1999).


We are responsible for ensuring compliance with the act's rules and regulations and considering applications for pension plan registration. We also oversee the funding and verifying of benefit payments under pension plans and promote public education. We advise the Finance Minister on matters relating to pensions. The Pension Commission also investigates complaints relating to pension plans and funds.


An individual can enroll in the pension plan by filling out and returning the forms available online along with the required fees.


Feel free to contact us via phone or email for more information.