Government of Bermuda - Tulo Valley Plant Nursery

21 Controversy Lane, Pembroke Parish, Bermuda, HM 02 | Directions
Opening hours
Monday -Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm
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Tulo Valley Plant Nursery in Bermuda supplies the majority of plant stocks and graft to various parks and natural reserves across the island, including the Botanical Garden and the Arboretum.

The nursery first started as a kitchen garden in 1815 when the Admirals of the Royal Naval Dockyard used the house as their residence. After the Bermuda government took over the property, Tulo Valley became a part of Bermuda Parks Department. Tulo Valley Plant Nursery has a number of greenhouses and shaded areas with retractable roofs for growing a wide range of plants. Some native and endemic plant species are grown here.

Tulo Valley Plant Nursery is open from 7:30AM – 4:00PM. Please visit to tour the beautiful garden and check out the new plants. Contact us to learn more!

  • Located in Pembroke
  • Started in 1815
  • Native & Endemic Plant Species
  • Plant Stock For Bermuda's Parks
  • A Part of Bermuda Parks Department
  • Number of Greenhouses & Shaded Areas
  • Open 730am - 4pm