Government of Bermuda - Community Nursing Service

Hamilton Health Centre 67 Victoria Street, City of Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 12 | Directions
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Mo-Fr 8:30am - 4:45pm
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Bermuda's Community Nursing Service is located in Hamilton and falls under the Government's Department of Health.

Our staff are available to educate the public about general health and also coordinate health services within the community. We offer primary care nursing in the home and arrange support services for patients and caregivers. We offer personal care to the elderly, new mothers and people with physical challenges in their homes and also provide health education and counseling for patients, caregivers, schools and more.

Our operating hours are Monday to Friday, from 830am to 445pm. Contact us to for additional information. 

  • Located in Hamilton
  • Education & Counselling to Patients & Care Givers
  • Personal Care
  • Primary Care Nursing in Homes
  • Coordination with Community Health Services
  • Public Education