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Bermuda's Plant Protection Lab operates under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Plant diseases can be caused by many organisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. We offer services for diagnosing plant diseases and identifying pest species. For accurate diagnoses the specimen should be brought in the lab. We also identify insects and provide recommendations for control. If the leaves of the plant are yellowing or have holes, chewed stems or leaves or have damaged roots, we can help.

We offer free service for local diagnoses - cost is involved if the sample must be sent overseas. Diagnostics are also available via clear digital images of the damaged plant or the insect. Contact us for more information.

  • Located in Devonshire
  • Diagnosing Plant Diseases
  • Identifying & Remedying Pests
  • Free Local Diagnosis
  • Cost For Overseas Diagnosis
  • Diagnoses Available Via Clear Digital Images