Government of Bermuda - Finance

Government Administration Building, 2nd Floor, 30 Parliament Street, City of Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 12 | Directions
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  • Located in Hamilton
  • Supervises the Economy of Bermuda
  • Framework For Financial Management
  • Control of Government Activities & Finances
  • Customs Tariff & Duty Collections
  • Policy, Planning, & Management
  • Economic & Financial Intelligence
  • Fiscal Planning & Control
  • Regulatory Unit & Treaty Management
  • Oversees Bermuda Monetary Authority

The Ministry of Finance, located in Hamilton, supervises the economy of Bermuda and provide an overall framework for financial management and the control government finances.

The Ministry of Finance oversees the operations of the Accountant General, social insurance, the office of the tax commissioner and customs tariff and duty collections. We are responsible for policy making, planning, and management, economic and financial intelligence, fiscal planning and control. We are the regulatory unit providing administrative services and we oversee the Bermuda Monetary Authority. We are also responsible for treaty management, negotiating and administering agreements related to the Bilateral Tax Information Exchange and managing relationships regarding tax matters.

We provide policy advice to the Financial Secretary and the Minister of Finance on anti-money laundering and European Union Financial services regulatory policy initiatives. Contact us to learn more.