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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Student Assistance Program (SAP) Private Counseling, Psychotherapy, Coaching Services Organizational Development, Leadership Training & Team Building (OAP) Drug Free Work Place (DFWP)

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No matter your need, Benedict Associates can provide a service & a solution which will assist you to create a powerful difference in your life. You will experience empathetic counselors with the skills to motivate change, improve results and elevate your well-being, whether the challenges be related to work or home.

Benedict specializes in effective resolution of issues, backed by over 30 years of excellence.

You will discover Benedict Associate’s unique ability to foster performance-based solutions in all areas of life & the workplace from top management to the newest recruit. Working with Benedict Associates is an investment strategy that will protect and nurture your company’s human capital investment.

Benedict’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services gives employees effective resources for improving emotional well-being, creating work life balance and building workplace resiliency and improved performance.

With the Student Assistance Programs (SAP) parents, teachers and school counselors have experienced the results of effective intervention in student behaviour or mood. Counseling & Psychotherapy is offered for individuals not covered under their company’s EAP umbrella. The valuable assistance you receive from private services, can also be a personal choice for long term follow-on after EAP counseling service benefits are completed. You will meet and exceed your professional and personal goals when involved in Benedict’s Private Coaching.

With Human Resource, Organizational Development, Leadership Training & Team Building (OAP) services, you and your company will benefit from Benedict’s management consultation services, coaching and conflict resolution for individuals or groups.

Benedict’s Drug Free Work Place (DFWP) Our data shows that with a DFWP initiative, active drug use by employees has dropped from over 20% to under 2%. Testing & Assessment services are used by professionals, schools and individuals for a variety of reasons. Including suitability for promotion, performance development, personality strengths, attention deficit and emotional conditions.

  • Dr. Philip Brownell
  • Psychologist
  • Dr. Alison Atherden
  • Testing & Assessment
  • Private Psychological Services
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