Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA)

Maxwell Roberts Bldg., 6th Floor, 1 Church St., City of Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 11 | Directions
877-697-6228 Toll Free
441-292-0632 Phone
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Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
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The BDA encourages direct investment and helps companies start up, re-locate or expand their operations in our premier jurisdiction. An independent, public-private partnership, we connect you to industry professionals, regulatory officials, and key contacts in the Bermuda government to assist domicile decisions


The BDA is a Bermuda registered company limited by guarantee pursuant to the Bermuda Companies Act 1981.


To promote and encourage inward direct investment that positively contributes to Bermuda’s economy and social development and strengthens Bermuda’s image as a global strategic business partner

  • Established in 2013
  • Located in Hamilton
  • Funded by the Government & Private Sector
  • International Commerce
  • Relocation Services
  • Assisting Start-Ups
  • Enhancing the Island’s Global Reputation