Allianz Risk Transfer (Bermuda) Limited

Overbay, 106 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke Parish, Bermuda, HM 08 | Directions
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Mo-Fr 9:00am - 6:00pm
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  • Risk Management Solutions
  • Founded in Zurich in 1997
  • Conventional Insurance
  • International Health Insurance
  • Personal Liability Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Tailored Insurance
  • Corporate Solutions Business
  • Reinsurance Solutions
  • Office in Bermuda & Other Locations Worldwide

Founded in Zurich in June 1997, Allianz Risk Transfer (ART) operates through affiliate companies with offices in Bermuda, Dubai, London, New York, Zurich and Liechtenstein.


ART is the centre of competence for alternative risk transfer business within the Allianz Group. ART (Bermuda) Ltd. offers customized insurance, reinsurance and non-traditional risk management solutions to corporate and financial clients. We are available to help in case of unusual risks and seek the most effective answer to your problems by putting structures together in innovative ways. We are focused on results and committed to execution.


Our Board of Directors, under the leadership of the CEO, provides strategic direction to ART and our experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We listen and understand you and your business, and put together a team of talented and skilled professional to match your situations.